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    I placed an order, when will I get it?

    All packages are shipped through USPS.  Once your order has been processed, you will get an automated email with your tracking number.  You can go to USPS.COM and click on tracking and enter your tracking number and you can watch your package as it travels to you.

    It may take 1-5 BUSINESS DAYS (MONDAY-FRIDAY) for your package to leave our office. After it has left our office,  if you are using First Class Shipping, it may take 3-10 business days to arrive to your location if you are in the United States.  Keep in mind that the volume of packages during the holidays may cause a delay, not only in our office, but also at the Post Office, as we/they are working overtime to send all the packages.  If you want your package quicker, you must select PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING OR PRIORITY EXPRESS MAIL SHIPPING.  These 2 types of packages are shipped BEFORE the First Class Packages at the Post Office and they can ship anywhere from 3-5 days.  If you are located outside of the United States, you are put as international. This means your package can take 7-21 business days to arrive after it has left our office for MOST COUNTRIES. (see INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES FAQ)  Please be patient during the holidays while we fill your order, especially if there is a sale.   Thank you for your patience! 


    I placed an order and never got a confirmation that my order was shipped or a tracking number, what do I do?

    First, please give us 3-5 business days (Monday - Friday) to process your order, especially if you place your order during a sale/holiday, or if you placed the order on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.  After this amount of time has passed, check your email that you made your order under and make sure the email address is correct.  If the email address is correct, please check your junk/spam mail.   If you still have questions, please contact our customer service at UNSPEAKABLEMERCH@GMAIL.COM


    How can I get in touch with customer service?

    Our office hours are Monday - Friday 9am -5pm. 

    For customer service ONLY, please email - 

    We aim to reply within 72 hours, thank you for your patience. 


    Do you offer returns?

    We offer returns ONLY if your shirt or hat doesn't fit correctly, you ordered the wrong size, or you order the wrong color. To return your package, please send it to the address below. After we have received your package we will either issue a refund (if you have already made another order to replace the one you are returning), or send out the correct color or size you want!  Please also send us an email confirming your problem, and letting us know to ship out your new size or color, or issue a full refund if you would like one, so that we will be watching for it.  Please include in the return package your order number and a printed copy of the email to us (if you made one) or instructions about which size/color you are wanting to exchange for.

    Address - 

    Unspeakable Gaming
    4582 Kingwood Drive,
    STE. E, Box 112
    Kingwood, TX 77345
    United States


    Can I change my order after I placed it? 

    You can if we haven't shipped your product yet.  Email our support email as quickly as possible and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.  If we haven't shipped your product, we will work on changing your order.   If your order has already been shipped, you would have to do the return process discussed above.


    Is Unspeakable's Merchandise sold anywhere else?

    NO. UnspeakableGaming's Merch is ONLY sold on (this website).


    The item I want is out of stock, when can I expect it to be back in stock? 

    If an item is out of stock you can expect it to take anywhere from 7-14 business days for it to come back into stock!  EXCEPT FOR ORIGINAL FONT SHIRTS/HATS (they are being discontinued).


    Why is only First Class Shipping, Priority Mail, and Priority Mail Express through USPS (United States Parcel Service) offered and what do they mean? (for USA customers only)

    We have done our research and the cheapest way to ship is with USPS (United States Parcel Service).  For each order, the shipping is based on the weight and size and this enables us to have the cheapest shipping available.  The First Class Shipping is the cheapest but also the slowest and your package may arrive in 7-10 days after it is fulfilled, depending on where you live and how long it spends in CUSTOMS.  Priority Mail gives you a tracking number and you should receive it in 3-7 days after it is fulfilled not including time in CUSTOMS.  Priority Mail Express (the fastest) gives you a tracking number and you should receive it in 2-5 days after it is fulfilled, not including time in CUSTOMS.  Please give us 2-3 days to fulfill your order after it has been placed, especially on the weekends and during the Holidays.


     I am an International Customer, how do I know that you ship to my Country?

    The only Countries that currently have Embargos against them and DO NOT ACCEPT imports from the USA are IRAN, SUDAN, SYRIA, and NORTH KOREA...  all other countries we will try to ship to... Politics change daily, so you can contact your local Customs office if you are unsure and ask if they accept clothing (not to be resold) from the USA.  


    What do I need to know if I am an International Customer?

    We are located in Texas in the United States.  If you are outside of the United States you are an International package.  Please be aware that every country is different and some countries will charge an ADDITIONAL CUSTOMS/DUTY CHARGE to receive your package.  This is IN ADDITION TO your shipping that you paid when you checked out. Most countries pick packages at random and you never know if your package will be picked.  If Customs is holding your package, they will send/leave you a pick up slip.  If you do not go pay the Customs Duty within a few weeks, they will send the package back to us.  We are sorry, but we have no control over whether or not your package will be charged a Customs/Duty fee.  If you are concerned about having to pay a Customs/Duty fee, please contact YOUR local Customs office/post office before ordering and ask if a package from the USA that is clothing (which won't be resold) will be held.  

    How long will it take for my International Package to be Delivered?

    Most International Packages take anywhere from 10-21 BUSINESS DAYS  (MONDAY -FRIDAY) to be delivered using First Class International Shipping, however some countries take 2 months or more if you use First Class International.  First Class International DOES NOT guarantee a tracking number for your package.


    If you want faster shipping and a guaranteed tracking number that shows you where your package is at any given time, you MUST SELECT PRIORITY EXPRESS MAIL INTERNATIONAL (the fastest 2-5 days) or PRIORITY MAIL INTERNATIONAL (the 2nd fastest 5-10 days) at the shipping option. However, keep in mind, even if you pay extra for the PRIORITY SHIPPING, if your package is being looked at closely by Customs, it could take 2 weeks or more just to get through the Customs process.  Some countries look at every package and this means your delivery time could be 2 months or more...  We are sorry about the delay in your merchandise.  We want to ship Internationally to our Unspeakable Fans, but we cannot control the Customs Process in other countries.   



    Please give us 2-3 days to fulfill your order after it has been placed, especially on the weekends and during the Holidays.  Thank you for your patience and contact our customer service at if you have questions about your delivery.