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Woopie cushions might be the all-time best prank, and now you can get laughs with Unspeakable pride.

  • Stick a whoopee cushion under your best friend’s chair or right before your mom sits down for dinner and get a great laugh.
  • This Unspeakable whoopee cushion features the Unspeakable logo in black, so you can prank your friends and show off your pride.
  • In a signature whoopee-cushion-red, UnspeakebleGaming merch sticks with the classic whoopee cushion design.

Still trying to figure out a way to get back at a friend who sticky-noted your car? Order the Unspeakable whoopee cushion and take your pranking to a whole new level. Make school days, practices, car rides, and gaming much more fun with this UnspeakableGaming merch.

  • Features Unspeakable’s Paintbox logo in black. 

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