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Everybody forgets things, but you don't have to worry about that anymore with Unspeakable's new car sticky notepad. This UnspeakableGaming merch is for the fans that love Unspeakable's iconic camo car.

  • This is a brand new product designed to match Unspeakable's car, so nobody will have a sticky notepad like this one!
  • Each sticky note features a gray camo background with Unspeakable’s designer logo in the signature black font across the top.
  • If you want practical and cool UnspeakableGaming merch, these car sticky notes are it!

You love Unspeakable. You’ve watched practically all of his videos. Now, it’s time to represent your favorite YouTuber with these brand new sticky notepads. Keep them in your Unspeakable cinch pack to use at school; leave your parents a note and stick it on the fridge; or, stash them by your gaming station so you can write yourself help tips.

  • Self-adhesive 
  • 4"x3" car-shaped notepad
  • 50 sheets per notepad
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